IGI 2 - Covert Strike

>> Jumat, 05 Juni 2009

Hardware Requirements:
-Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
-DirectX 8.1
-450MHz CPU
-128MB RAM
-16-bit Direct Sound compliant sound card
-Compatible 3D graphics card with 16MB RAM
-800MB HDspace.

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In this sequel to the award-winning Project IGI: I’m Going In, players assume the role of British covert operative David Jones, a former SAS soldier now working for the secret U.S. military organization codenamed ‘IGI’. Set directly after the events of the original game, Jones undertakes top-secret military operations by infiltrating airbases, harbors, and secret government installations located deep within enemy territories. IGI 2 boasts an action-packed single player campaign, featuring enhanced AI, a diverse range of weapon types and a newly implemented save system. Additionally, IGI 2 will offer intense team based multiplayer action. With an immersive storyline spanning across China, Russia and Libya, IGI 2 delivers a thinking-gamer’s first-person shooter. Each action packed mission expands the plot and is driven forward with impressive animated cut scenes that continue to absorb the player in the game’s carefully constructed narrative.


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Minimum System Requirements:
-System: 600 MHz or faster or equivalent
-RAM: 256 MB
-Hard Drive Space: 850 MB
-Other: NVIDIA GeForce 2 or greater, ATI Radeon or greater, Matrox Parhelia.

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Tech Info:
Publisher: EA Games
Developer: EA Games
Genre: Fantasy Action Adventure
Release Date: May 25, 2004
ESRB Descriptors: Fantasy Violence

Game Information:
Number of Players: 1 Player
DirectX Version: v9.0
Operating System: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP.


GTA 3 - Winter Edition

Hardware Requirements:
* Pentium III 450MHZ
* 64MB RAM
* 16MB Direct3D Graphics Card
* Directx Compatable Sound Card
* 500MB Free Hard Drive Space
* Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
* Directx 8.1 or newer

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This is a full game. Its grand theft auto 3 modded to make it look chirstmassy.
Every model has been changed all cars, guns the lot. The radio stations have
been changed to include such bands as Lost Prophets and Nickelback.
Theres a few extras like a in-car speedometer and a car damage bar to tell you
when your cars about to blow. Even the menu has changed.


Fifa Soccer 2009

Minimum System Requirements:
-Supported OS: Windows XP
-Processor: Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz or Equivalent
-Memory: 1 GB
-Graphics: 6600 Nvidia graphics card or ATI equivalent with support for Pixel Shader 3
-DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c
-Sound: DirectX Compatible
-Hard Drive: 4 GB

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FIFA Soccer 09 on PC now features leading-edge visuals that deliver graphics that exploit the power of hi-spec gaming PCs, as requested by PC gamers. Star players are featured in photorealistic quality with remodeled likenesses for ultra-realistic gameplay. FIFA Soccer 09 on PC also features customizable mouse gameplay controls that deliver deeper, more intuitive command over your squad. Plus, customizable widgets are now integrated into the menu system to connect you to the FIFA community and real-world soccer so you stay connected while playing FIFA Soccer 09.


Empire Total War

Hardware Requirements:
* Windows XP 32(service pack 2), Windows Vista 32 OS.
* Processor: 2.4 GHz Single Core Intel or AMD equivalent processor.
* System Memory: 1GB RAM (XP) 2GB RAM (Vista).
* Graphics Card: 256MB DirectX 9.0c compatible video card (shader 2.0 or higher).
* Sound Card: Directx9.0c compatible sound card.
* Windows compatible mouse & keyboard.
* 15 GB free uncompressed hard drive space.

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Prepare to claim a piece of history in Empire: Total War™. Players will find themselves thrust into the turbulent 18th century, an era of unrivaled military advancement and political turmoil. Empire: Total War™ advances the Total War series through multiple enhancements, including groundbreaking 3D naval combat. Through streamlined and intuitive controls, players will command single vessels or massive fleets into battle across simulated oceans complete with dynamic weather effects. Open fire with powerful cannons and then board enemy ships for close-quarters combat. Empire: Total War™ also includes numerous advancements such as enhanced Trade, Diplomacy and Espionage. Players will also deploy new forces and troop types as cannons, muskets and new gunpowder advances change the way wars are fought. Empire: Total War™ uses an revolutionary graphics engine to render every conflict and victory in stunning detail. Players will embark on a quest to bring down nations and forge powerful empires in a way never before seen.

* New Era of Warfare – Set between 1700 and 1800, players will battle against a backdrop of technological advancement, social upheaval and political turmoil. Make your mark in history!
* Revolutionary Naval Combat – New real-time battle system lets you control single vessels or massive armadas on the open sea. Use powerful cannons to splinter and sink enemy ships or use loyal troops to board and lay siege to vessels.
* Legendary Battlefields - Massive landscapes and huge armies under your control change the course of history. Storm the fields of war with all new weapons such as the musket and artillery – and unleash the thunderous cavalry.
* Historical Campaign – Take charge of history in a campaign spanning three continents and featuring newly designed systems for Trade, Diplomacy, Missions and Espionage. Command the forces of ten playable factions including Britain, France, Spain, America and the Ottoman Empire.
* Dynamic Weather – On land or sea, real-time weather effects will play integral roles in your strategy as you command your forces.
* Cutting Edge Graphics – A completely new graphics engine renders real-time seascapes and ground-based landscapes like never before, as well as populating the battlefield with flora systems and destructable buildings.
* Enhanced Multiplayer – The vastly improved multiplayer component features all-new player rankings, leagues and completely new gameplay modes.
* Intuitive Battles – A compliment of interface enhancements and improvements let players dive in and focus on combat. Enjoy new tutorials and systems designed to let you command your forces with confidence!
* Design the Conflict – A suit of all-new tools and editors make Empire: Total War the most customizable Total War game yet.


Dungeon Siege II - Broken World

Hardware Requirements:
-Windows XP SP1 or newer Dungeon Siege II required to play
-Processor: 1.8 Mhz or greater
-RAM: 512 MB
-Hard Drive: 1.4 GB Free Space
-CD-ROM: Quad-Speed or higher
-Video Card: ATI Radeon 7500 or better / Nvidia Geforce 5750 or better / Intel Extreme Graphics 82845, 82865, 82915

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Dungeon Siege II: Broken World, the official expansion pack, is an action/role-playing game set in a dark, post-apocalyptic fantasy world that concludes the story of Dungeon Siege II. You must hunt down the Dark Wizard in order exact your vengeance and undo the evil brought to the world of Aranna.
* After the shocking betrayal at the end of Dungeon Siege II, play through Act IV to conclude this epic adventure.
* 10 additional hours of primary quest gameplay and an additional 5 hours of optional quests and levels, including two new modes of play, Mercenary and Elite.
* Over 40 new monsters and beasts with powers that will change the way you play.
* New items including all new powerful weapons and armor, as well as enchanting magic items.
* Two brand new character classes that combine the powers of magic and combat. All new spells and powers.
* New pets have been added to enhance gameplay in addition to new races for the world of Aranna – the Dwarves are now back by popular demand!
* All new powers and skills.
* New reagent recipes that will allow you to create unique and powerful items.

Join files with hjsplit and mount the image using daemon tools

Cops 2170 - The Power of Law

>> Kamis, 04 Juni 2009

Minimum System Requirements:
-Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
-Pentium III 800 MH
-128 MB RAM; 32 MB Video Card
-700 MB Hard Disk Space
-4x CD-ROM; DirectX 9.0
-DirectX Compatible Sound Card
-Windows Compatible Mouse and Keyboard

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You take on the role of rookie cop, Katrin, as she patrols the mean streets of a futuristic, cyberpunk metropolis. Katrin is a beautiful, young, police academy graduate who is an excellent student and exceptional athlete. Unbeknownst to Katrin, her recent assignment concerning a series of terror attacks is about to propel her into the path of an evil genius. The city streets she is fighting to protect are unlike any modern day metropolis. The government implants cyber links into newborns, marking them with a unique ID in order to ensure complete control, watching over everything for the “safety of the public.” COPS 2170: The Power of Law features stunning 3D environments ranging from cramped private quarters to sprawling city streets, all filled with more than 60 NPCs. As Katrin, players can recruit up to seven of their fellow officers, and use a large arsenal of weaponry and equipment—including a scanner, rifles, and machine guns—to win large-scale battles against the city’s criminal masterminds. Missions vary from suppressing small-scale riots to challenging the security staff of a massive yet corrupt corporation. Each mission can be accomplished using a variety of strategies, giving the player multiple paths to victory and hours of exciting gameplay.
Password: Opus

Battle Rage - The Robot Wars

Game features:

* Single player and Multiplayer modes
* Arcade mode with a separate Storyline for each of the robots characters
* Robot Customization
* Compelling mechanics (Rage, Rush, Power Traingle)
* Special Attacks (push, stun and other unique abilities for each robot)
* Robots allowed to fight with 3 weapons at the same time (two ranged and one melee)
* 8 different robots
* 20 weapons
* 10 arenas
Size: 1 CD, 489 MB, sr-brage
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Battle Rage is the third person shooter with elements of the beat’em up game that allows a player to control giant robots. Battles between the robots take place on carefully selected battlegrounds (so called “arenas�) and they are short, quick, brutal skirmishes. The player can fight alone (versus one, two or even three opponents) or in the team with one sidekick. Every machine has it’s own weapons (for melee and distance combat), additional weapon types can be collected on the arena.
The player can modify robot’s parameters in the single player mode as well as in the multiplayer to fit it’s possibilities to his/her own fighting style. Also many new, powerful robots will wait for the player to unlock in the story mode.

Armies of Exigo

Minimum System Requirements:

1.5 GHz or better
384 MB of RAM
8X of faster CD/DVD ROM
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
DirectX 9.0c
64 MB of VRAM
1.5 GB of Hard Drive Space
Keyboard and Mouse

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Worlds collide in Armies of Exigo, a fantasy RTS where the boundaries of the battlefield are broken and war is waged both above and below the ground. This game takes strategy to new depths as elves, beasts, knights, and creatures of the darkness are locked in an epic battle for survival.
In the world of Exigo, where peace and prosperity have reigned for years, the empires of man and beast faces their greatest threat yet. A sinister force known as The Fallen has awaken to strike where the inhabitants of this world least expect - from underground.
Users will take control of massive armies, wage wars in the forests and river valleys of the surface, then descend into the caverns and catacombs of the underworld to face off against the dark evil.
Armies on all sides will have the ability to delve deep underground to travel unseen by foes or borrow up to the surface to unleash powerful attacks on unsuspecting enemies. The gamer must devise never before deployed strategies for combat and defense as attacks can come from all directions.
Conquer as the heavily fortified Empire and control an army of knights, dwarves, elves and gnomes. Ravage the plains with the nomadic Beasts, leading tribes of ogres, trolls and other fantastic creatures. Emerge from deep to consume the world of light with The Fallen ? a powerful force of dark elves, fallen warriors, swarming insects and other horrific creatures of the dark.
Engage in an epic three-part single player campaign and save the world of Exigo from the evil that threatens to plunge the world into darkness. Or go online for massive multiplayer skirmishes with up to eight players striving to conquer the surface and underworld. Success can only be achieved through a balance of military might and strategic alliances.

Control any of three different armies: The Empire (knights, wizards, elves), The Beast (ogres, trolls, lizardmen), and The Fallen (dark elves, fallen knights and creatures of the deep).
Wage war on two fronts simultaneously ? above and below the surface ? with a unique dual layered map system.
Stunning 3D visuals bring the characters and environments to life.
Immerse yourself in a fully interactive world: Blow up bridges, create avalanches to take out your enemies, cause subterranean lava flows to erupt aboveground, and dig tunnels from the surface into the caverns below.
Engage the enemy with an army of up to 200 units for massive real time battles.
Change the landscape of both the surface and underground by deploying units, such as Miners, and casting spells, such as Earthquake and Volcano.
Single-player includes a three part campaign and skirmish mode to battle computer-controlled players.
Go online and play in one of four multiplayer modes: Melee, King of the Hill, Mission, and Free-for-all.
password install:roaringlion
download password:http://www.ourpcgame.net